About Jamie

(Actor, Performer & Presenter from West London, he has been acting since 2011, working in TV and Film. He trained with Tom Radcliffe, studying Meisner technique. In the following years, he has worked steadily on Festival and Feature films, including Beyond Redemption, Fury, Star Wars, Kingsmen, Dark Angel & Taboo.

Jamie is known for his strong character acting as well as his action and fight skills. A trained martial artist, with an IMAF black belt in PKA Kickboxing and experience in Judo and Krav Maga.

He is a Creative Director & film producer recently collaborating on “The Beast” featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eddie Hall due for release in 2023) as well as helping produce “Morris Men”, “Legends of the Lost” and “Winter Ridge”.

Recently he has appeared in Shamrock Spitfire (with Chris Kaye), Unseen Scars (with Luke Mably), I am Rage (with Hannaj Bang-Bendz), One Shot (with Scott Adkins) and Bulletproof (with Ashley Walters).

For 2024, he is slated to appear as Hans Schroeder in “ZOB”, Father Christain in “Solid Venom”, Gaius in “The Queen of Heaven”, Hector in “Guinea Pig” & Arthur Blade in “Dark mean City”.

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